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In Tea in the Afternoon, Elizabeth arrives on her mysterious great aunt's doorstep looking for answers. What unfolds is an exploration of mutual need and reciprocal antagonism as each woman seeks in the other some echo of the woman they are missing. 

"Fantastic writing… Tea in the Afternoon is a small family drama that is really surprising and really intelligent. From the beginning you think you know what to expect, but it slowly keeps making left turns, small shifts in your expectations that keep it from being either predictable or unbelievable." 

- Talking Broadway


"Affecting little gem…eloquently reminds us that re-creating our circumstances and ourselves is central not only to art, but to the ridiculous, valiant attempt to forestall the inevitable—our own relentless descent into that not-so-"mere" oblivion.” 



"Tea in the Afternoon is a slow, subtle, wooden roller-coaster of a ride from start to finish...evocative in its direction, thought-provoking in its words, and ultimately heartbreaking in its final scenes."




by Vanessa Shealy

Presented by UP Theater Company 
Directed by Melissa Attebery

“poignant and powerful..." 

“Shealy’s piece is a solid exploration of the power of belief, self-reliance, and common sense.” 

"It’s a little play with a big heart that has a vibrant beat.” 

"a sentimental web of humour and heartbreak” 


"explores both the intersection of faith and materiality and the spiritual and personal aftermath when faith fails to cure real world ills"


Reviews by Dontré Conerly, Harlem World Magazine and Theresa Perkins, My Entertainment World

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"One, Two Whatever You Do... boasts some of the finest acting I've ever seen at FringeNYC. Anchoring this 90-minute play is its author, Vanessa Shealy, in a performance that's assured and complex and deeply affecting." -  MARTIN DENTON,

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a short play 

by Vanessa Shealy 

Naked is a 20 minute monologue spoken by a young mother posing as the self-assured woman she feels she’s expected to be. Hoping that nude modeling for an art class will restore her sense of self, she eventually finds a way to accept her circumstances, even if life isn’t everything she hoped it would be.

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